At Edgestone Partners, we offer advice and solutions in the areas of retirement planning, asset management, risk management, estate planning, education funding and business planning.  A solid financial plan will take into account the questions listed below.


 Time is the most crucial factor in developing a well thought out plan.


The earlier you start the process, the more success your plans will have.



• What rate of return am I earning?

• Is my portfolio rate of return competitive?

• What rate of return do I actually need to achieve my goals?

• What management fees am I paying?

• How much risk should I be taking?

• Are my investments tax effective?

• Is my portfolio diversified?


• How much do I need to retire?

• Will I outlive my money?

• When do I want to retire?  Full time or part time?

• How will income tax affect my plans?

• What do I need to know about government benefits?

• How does my company pension plan fit into my personal planning strategy?


• How much money will my family or company need in the event of my death?

• What happens if I become sick or hurt?

• What does long term nursing care cost?

• Do I have a sufficient emergency reserve fund?

• Are my debts under control?


• Are all of my documents up to date? (Will, power of attorney,etc)

• How do I divide and transfer my assets?

• How do I minimize taxes?

• Should I be using trusts?


• How much will my children’s education cost?

• Which school will they want to attend?

• Have I utilized available government benefits?


• Is my partnership agreement up to date?

• How will I get money out of my business tax effectively?

• How do I integrate personal and business planning?

• How can I compensate and retain key personnel?

• How can my business survive with the sudden death or illness of a partner?

• Should I have a staff benefit or retirement plan for my employees?